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Prospective Bride

165cm (5'5") 54.00kg
Hindu Rajput Bisen
Noida & New Delhi

01/04/1985 12:29 am Pratapgarh
Non Manglik
Beautiful, slim and very fair girl. Thesis for PhD submitted. Working in Maharishi University of Noida.
PhD (pursuing). Assistant Professor. Earns 6Lpa.
Prospective Bride

165cm (5'5")
Himachali Hindu Rajput Parmar
Gurgaon & Himachal Pradesh

02/03/1990 1:53 am Mandi
MTech ECE. Working.

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Prospective Bride

160cm (5'3")
Punjabi Hindu Rajput

Never married.
BCom, MBA Finance. Working.
Prospective Bride

152cm (5'0") 50.00kg
Garhwali Hindu Rajput

03/07/1986 10:10 pm Kota
Non Manglik
Very fair, beautiful, homely, jolly natured girl having high moral values and is expert in cooking.
Graduate Delhi. Teaching Professional. Earns 12Lpa.
Prospective Bride

163cm (5'4")
Garhwali Hindu Rajput

Beautiful, fair and slim girl.
Dental Surgeon in Own Clinic.