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Matrimonial search is one of the most complex endeavours one can take up in one's life. tries to simplify this process, through its following features. features absolutely free of charge search of thousands of very genuine matrimonial profiles, including access to their contact details.

  • has very experienced and highly qualified junior and senior editors in its team to curate each and every profile for its accuracy, language and presentation.
  • ensures easy listing of community based prospective brides and grooms.
  • has very easy interface to use. Just click the 'more' button for all details(including contact) of your favoured profile.
  • employs very powerful custom made search engine. Matrimony search does not require exact search. Hence, tries to be a bit fuzzy in trying to search for profiles of your desired criteria.

We sincerely hope that you have a pleasent experience at and we become an important part of your search process. Do feel free to contact us, in case you have any query, suggestion or a praise for our work.

You will definitely appreciate the following advantages offers vis-a-vis newspaper matrimonials and other matrimonial websites. Newspaper matrimonials Other matrimonial websites
Number of profiles 35927 (as on 1 June 2012) and speedily increasing Very few Numbers highly doubtful
Active profiles Almost all Almost all Very few
Profile reviews Each profile checked for best appearance, language and search visibility. No checking Checking to remove all contact details from descriptions
View contact details Possible, for free Possible, for free Possible, but for very few and after paying a huge fee.
Search Fast and effective Very cumbersome Sometimes fast, but quite complex
Posting profiles Cheap: Just Rs. 500 for 180 days. Expensive Free